Realising Dreams

Elisha Ooga, founder and co directer of Zelyn Academy, said this when asked what it would mean to have a high school for the children of Kibera

“In Zelyn Academy we give the children education up to class 8 when they do their final exams KCPE (Kenya Certificate of Primary Education). Only a few of the students, especially the ones who are lucky to have kind sponsors have joined High School. It therefore means that a bigger number of the children cannot be able to get even the¬†lowest paying job in the country.

If children would have gone through to (the) High School they would get opportunities with the NYS (National Youth Service) where they could serve as they train in different job skills hence giving them the confidence to go out there to the job market.

Secondly, after going through the high school they would as well be recruited to serve the country as Police, Army or Air Force officers. For those who pass the KCSE (Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education) with the required points to enable them to join universities can proceed even if they don’t have a sponsor. They can go through their university learning with the help of HELB (Higher Education Loan Board). The loan repayment begins when the graduated begins to work either as an employee or as an entrepreneur.

In a nutshell a high school for Kibera will enable more needy children to realise their dream in life”.¬†

Elisha and kids